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About the owner. I grew up being exposed to a verity of sports and the fine arts. In school I competed in endurance sports focusing on cross country running, rock climbing and mountain biking. Scholastically I started college as an art major with a side interest in the sciences. In the end the science geek in me won out and closed out my schooling in Electronics. I've been riding bikes all my life and started riding mountain bikes in the late 80's. I starting with the old steel frames and then up through the over-sized aluminum hard tails and like almost everyone else, graduated to a the suspension bikes. The different designs and fits to fill a function intrigued me. Being of an odd stature, most of the "off the shelf" frames never fit me like I thought they should. I learned to live with never having a frame that truly fit me. As I moved through life I was always building things from scratch; RC gliders, power plans, small parts to fill a need. I even made my own outdoor clothing. Then in 2008 I noticed a custom bike frame. At that time I knew I wanted to integrate my love for art, biking and designing things in to making custom frames; and when given the final nudge from my, most awesome, wife I enrolled in UBI (United Bicycle Institute) in Portland Oregon at the end of 2011. The Rest Is To Come. Please come watch me grow and become part of the B.F.D (Barrow Frame Designs) family.